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Live that special day, wonderful and unforgettable moments.

Here you will get closer to the time of the
farmers where the stories
of love to tell, they seem not
have an end.

We are specialists in creating magical moments. within a fascinating and different setting, full of history and nature.

This legendary and spectacular hacienda, has 2 extensive gardens: north and south.

Enjoying cool sunrises and warm sunsets in them is a unique experience. In addition to being cared for and well preserved, our gardens are home to beautiful fauna and colorful vegetation, as well as trees planted by the hands of our ancestors, through which the sun's rays shyly filter.


All our areas include:

Use of different areas for photo shoot, parking, guest bathrooms with service during the event, special room rates, sanitation of areas.


The North and South Gardens also offer you the use of facilities for your guests to live a truly unique experience: use of pools, tree-lined corridors, bicycles, access to the Animal Sanctuary exclusively for your event. And we give you a courtesy the first wedding night in the Bridal Suite with horse riding the next day.

Selected Areas

Maximum capacity

80 people

North Garden

Maximum capacity

500 people

South Garden

Maximum capacity

600 people


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