Also enjoy our delicious food along with the best liquors and cocktails available in our bar, such as a soft red summer wine or the most select craft beer, our entire beverage menu has been designed to increase the experience, enhancing the flavors of the food, to be accompanied with the appropriate drinks for each of them.



Go back to colonial times and start from a unique and exceptional gastronomic experience set in the colonial period with our beautifully decorated facilities to make you feel a journey through time.


Dare to experience a journey through time, and delve into the golden age of haciendas in Yucatan, in our Restaurant of authentic Yucatecan pre-Hispanic cuisine.

Our carefully thought-out menu offers the most select dishes of Yucatecan cuisine, prepared based on the original pre-Hispanic recipes but added with a fine gourmet touch, which will delight your palate, as well as the unique flavor that comes from being cooked on firewood and with the finest exotic meats from our specialized hatchery.


From the delicious venison meat to the exotic gazelle meat, all our dishes are prepared with finely selected meats directly from our own farm, where the animals are treated with the best care to ensure the highest quality of their meat.

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Calle 31 Carretera Cheuman - Sierra Papacal s/n   I   Noc Ac, Mérida, Yucatán, México