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We have incorporated as a permanent task the application of all hygiene and sanitation protocols indicated by state and federal authorities in health matters.

The best way to protect the health of our guests is by taking extreme measures of personal hygiene and hygiene, as well as taking care of the health of those who work here.

All our staff will be trained to fully and exhaustively comply with these protocols.





Entrance to the hotel

We will work preventively minimizing risks for this, we will be checking the temperature of all our collaborators, visitors and suppliers before starting the daily work.

It is mandatory to wear a mask to enter the hotel.

Staff with access to food and rooms will also be wearing disposable gloves.



Adequate Protective Equipment

To put into practice the procedures of hygiene and sanitation protocols in all our departments, we will have the appropriate protective equipment.

The hotel will provide all workers with the personal protective equipment that they must use before starting their work.

Control of sanitary measures

Each departmental head has a control log with the protocols and procedures according to their area that serves as a guide to supervise the fulfillment of tasks. This information will be updated if the health authorities decide to incorporate new health measures.

The control log is designed for each department of the hotel, such as: reception, housekeeper, room division, food and beverages, maintenance, etc.

New social distancing

At all times, a healthy distance will be maintained in the areas with the greatest number of people.

The check inn and check out of guests will be done respecting the healthy distance to avoid crowds.

The entry and exit of personnel will be done in a staggered manner.


New signage system

Public and work areas will have signs to remind all staff of the correct way to use and handle personal protective equipment, waste, as well as frequent hand washing.

All our rooms will have a bilingual guide (Spanish and English) containing hygiene protocols for the personal safety of our guests, exhorting them


Reduction of crowds

Space management is implemented to reduce the number of people in common areas and guarantee personal distance.




In key areas of the hotel, there will be antibacterial gel dispensers for use by guests, workers and suppliers.



Protective panel in reception

The reception desk will have a transparent protection panel for the safety of guests and staff.

Medical assistance

We have 24-hour medical assistance service for any emergency that arises.




No collaborator, supplier or visitor may enter the Hotel Caribe, if they show symptoms of illness.

In the event of a suspected illness of a guest during their stay, the room will be taken out of service and placed to remind all staff of the correct way to use quarantine when the case has been confirmed.





Sealing of areas and items

After disinfection of the room, all frequently used items (glasses and remote control) as well as the entrance to the room or room will be sealed.



Washing procedures

A protocol for washing and collecting clothes is established in the laundry during the stay and when the client leaves.



Official Certificate of sanitary measures

We are managing the recent government Post Covid certification as to the standards of hygiene, disinfection and quality in the processes.

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