At HaciendaNoc-Ac we worried about the environment which is why we allocate natural spaces for show, safeguard and protect the flora and fauna of the Yucatan´s state in an effort to reproduce the mand introduce to their former natural atmosphere.

Throughout this great work we have collected a variety of species, including birds, mammals and reptiles are where most, by its terms can't survive by themselves as they are species bred in captivity, rescued from hunting furtive or have injuries which can't be re-introduced into their natural environment so we opted for safekeeping and protection as we are sustaining their survival.

The Zoo is the ideal place to find allrelevant activities, both children and adults will livea great experience where the senses are the main tool to discover the amazing natural world in a comfortable and secure place.

Our jobis to create awareness of the importance and beauty of wild life by animal contact programs, in which you can learn and see beyond each of the existing species.


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