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Reconnect with the essential, with yourself, your loved ones; feel the peace that nature offers in this magical experience that we offer you at Hacienda Santuario Noc Ac.

When staying with us you can explore on your own or with the help of specialized guides, our Wildlife Preservation Area, where you will notice how much we care about the environment; That is why we assign natural spaces to show, protect and protect the flora and fauna of the state of Yucatan in an effort to reproduce and introduce them into their ancient natural atmosphere.

Throughout this great work, we have collected a variety of species, including birds, mammals, and reptiles, where most, by their terms, cannot survive on their own as they are captive-bred species, rescued from poaching. or they have injuries that prevent them from reintroducing themselves into their natural environment, so we opt for their custody and protection, since we are maintaining their survival.

Our Natural Sanctuary is the ideal place to find all the relevant activities, both children and adults will live a great experience where the senses are the main tool to discover the amazing natural world in a comfortable and safe place.

Our job is to raise awareness about the importance and beauty of wildlife through animal contact programs, in which you can learn and see beyond each of the existing species.

We are exclusively one of the two Animal Preservation sites in all of Yucatan, endorsed by the


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We put at your disposal our Sanctuary so that you can visit it on your own during your stay and observe the different species that we have.

We also invite you to take our Noc Ac Tour where our guides will tell you the interesting history of the hacienda and its importance in Yucatan, they will show you the nature of the region and they will teach you about the care and way of life of various species of our Sanctuary.

Hacienda Noc ac Tigrillo.jpg

We remind you that Hacienda Noc Ac is immersed in the native tropical jungle so it is possible that you will come across fauna characteristic of the place during your stay.

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