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Activities around the farm

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Just 30 minutes away you have the center of Mérida, a colonial city with a lot of history, art and culture. Full of traditions, it is the ideal place to discover buildings that fuse the greatest splendor of miscegenation, with European architecture and in some cases Arab.

We recommend you walk through the Historic Center, take a free guided tour of the main square or a tram tour to have a broader panorama of life in this beautiful city.


Only 15 minutes away you can find crystal clear beaches and soft white sand where you can swim very comfortably. Away from the hustle and bustle, from the crowd for those who seek peace, tranquility and share life with the locals. So you meet Sisal or Chelem.



20 minutes away is one of the most complete archaeological sites in all of Yucatan. Besides being small, it is easy to go around and experience everything you must visit in Yucatan, such as its double museum, open cenote for swimming, Mayan houses and ancestral buildings.

On tour, it is possible to visit Uaymitún a few minutes to enjoy the flamingos.


Celestún is 45 minutes away. It is the ecological zone par excellence to visit the famous pink flamingos in their natural habitat. Nothing more relaxing than observing the animals living in harmony with nature. This town is enjoyed walking and taking a boat tour to reach them, as well as swimming on its beach.

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