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A unique experience to reconnect with the essentials

Hacienda Santuario Noc Ac is the only one of the haciendas in Yucatan that brings together in one place all the splendor of a colonial hacienda with 300 years of history, the spectacular animal life and Yucatecan jungle, in an exclusive hotel that will provide you with peace, tranquility and fun, a luxury service, with unique experiences, so that you can reconnect with what really matters, your family, nature, culture, yourself.

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About us

Of all the Haciendas in the Yucatan, here is everything you need to reconnect with the essentials.
Hacienda Santuario Noc Ac offers you in one place the magic of a henequen hacienda. Here, in this magical place, you will be able to enjoy eight comfortable and incredible rooms encapsulated in time so that you can enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility that you are looking for, surrounded by the freshness of nature and animal life.

La flor rosada suave

Impressive Story

All the details count. That is why, passionate about the history of the haciendas in Yucatan, we preserve in each space treasures that are witnesses of the past; antiques, whose value lies in their passage through time.

We tell you our story throughout these last 300 years.

Natural Sanctuary

Our enclosure perfectly amalgamates the architecture and way of life of an authentic former henquenera hacienda, in which you can
enjoy and live unique experiences, surrounded by the exuberant nature and native plants of the
been, admiring and living closely with a great variety of endemic animals of
the region.


Weddings & Events

We are the most exquisite and majestic  y charming place to transmit to your guests everything transcendental about your event.

Day pass


Noc Ac

Reconnect with the essentials enjoying an extraordinary day at our Hacienda.

Luces borrosas

Select Luxury

We are much more than a simple hotel, since in our eight beautiful suites  original to the hacienda, we preserve the authentic colonial style; We have taken care of even the smallest detail so that you feel transported to another era, preserving the comforts of modern life.

Flores en Madera

Extraordinary Attractions

You can do various activities within the Hacienda o  in its surroundings just a few minutes away, such as the crystal clear beach of Chelem or the captivating beauty of the archaeological zone of Dzibichaltún

Exclusive Promotions

Find the best deals by booking directly with us.

Lowest rate guaranteed. Choose the date and the type of room that you like the most.

Do not lose
the opportunity to live a unique experience in our PASADIA
at a great price.

Your wedding in a fantastic place.
Discover why we are the perfect hacienda for your event.

All the romanticism, privacy and collection of experiences to never forget.

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