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Collection of unique experiences within the Hacienda

Experiences included in the lodging of our guests who book the All Inclusive plan


At Hacienda Santuario Noc Ac we are ready to catch you and reconnect with what is essential.

Our proposal is to provide our guests with a unique, different and completely unforgettable experience.

That is why we have designed the following full experience product called YOUR HACIENDA, which we detail below:



  • This day the guest can arrive from 10 in the morning with their companions. Our team will welcome you to pamper you in an environment surrounded by nature, culture and history.

  • After registering and installing them in your rooms, you will have access to our facilities:

Main building


Animal sanctuary



Tree-lined paths

Old town of machinery

and thus live with your family in a totally exclusive environment.

  • At a previously established schedule, with a menu designed for the occasion from which you can choose a 2-course option (main course and dessert) and drinks (except alcohol), lunch will be served carefully prepared by our chef.

  • At night, they will be able to dine at our Oro Verde restaurant , a delicious dish previously chosen, and to liven up the night they will have live music by a Yucatecan trio accompanying their evening;

  • or they will be transferred to the terrace bar of the Museo Casa Armando Manzanero in Paseo 60 , where they will be able to enjoy this lively atmosphere while having dinner there. The one-way transfer will take place through the panoramic road of Paseo de Montejo for the greater enjoyment of the guests.

Dinner will be effective at the place selected in advance and cannot be modified during your stay.






  • They will enjoy the breakfast of the day, complete, nutritious and exquisite prepared for the occasion, American style.

  • At 11:30 in the morning, the tour of the farm will begin, which includes:

Narration of the history of the enclosure and the town of Noc Ac, by a qualified guide, as well as a

Complete tour of the farm, ending in our

Animal sanctuary.

This tour lasts approximately 1 hour and a half.

  • Throughout your stay, you will have our bicycles at your disposal to “Populate”. They will be given a map of the small town of Noc Ac so that they can explore on their own and learn about the lives of the people of our community. It will be a good time to value our environment. Hours: 8 am to 5 pm.

  • On the way back, they will be able to enjoy their hacienda, the Noria pool or the cenote pool; walk through the tree-lined corridors, the chapel or play in our spacious gardens and enjoy a drink in our bar (menu with extra cost), exercise in our gym or receive a relaxing massage in our Spa. We have board games at your disposal.

  • Upon prior agreement on the schedule and menu selection, lunch will be served at our Oro Verde restaurant , where you will once again enjoy delicious traditional or international flavors.

  • At 4:00 in the afternoon they will be able to enjoy an impressive animal contact . Here they will learn about some species of animals that you can feed and even take a photo to remember, while they talk about their importance and care.

  • At 4:45 in the afternoon they will have at their disposal our horses to be able to mount them and live the experience inside our ranch. Always under the supervision of our qualified personnel. Horse riding lasts a maximum of 15 minutes per person.

  • You can continue to enjoy our relaxing facilities while living with your family.

  • Dinner will be served at the agreed time after the selected menu.




The experience ends with an exquisite American-style breakfast of the day .


Check out time is at 12 in the afternoon.


Reservations at least 3 days in advance.

Minimum of two suites with a two-night stay.

Lunch and dinner menus are selected from an established menu with several options from which they must choose one for all guests, as well as agree on the time of each service.

Dinner on the first night must be defined in advance. The guest must choose between dining with live music by a Yucatecan trio at the Hacienda or on the terrace bar of the Museo Casa Armando Manzanero on Paseo 60.

Dinner at the Museo Bar Armando Manzanero only includes dinner and non-alcoholic beverages. It does not include any other services within the site. Any additional services must be paid for directly.

This package only applies to reservations in an All Inclusive plan.

It does not apply with other promotions or offers, or different plans that do not specify that they include all these activities.

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Classes of Tortillas by Mano

Learn how to make the traditional Mayan dough and then make your own tortillas and cook them on a comal. This class is taught by natives of the region.

This class requires prior reservation.

Includes material and tasting.

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